Southern Quality Organic Pest Control

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Pest Pricing


All Prices are + tax                      

                                                     Best Prices on Annual Service! Bugs are year round in Texas! 

            Please call the office for specialty pricing as well as 30-60-90 day warranty services for specific pest.  972-336-0148

Annual/Quarterly Service Plan- Treatments performed every 3 months and have no charge reservices between services for covered Pest. These are maintenance plans and MUST be performed every 3 months whether you are having problems or not! Product must be re-applied every 3 months to insure we have limited problems. Missing service will require an initial charge to restart maintenance service! Initial service on all plans can vary in price depending on type of problem you start with!

Pricing could be more depending on city!

1 Time Services General Pest 90 day warranty Initial Price of Basic Plan

General Pest- Waterbugs, Silverfish, Fire Ants, Rover Ants, House Spiders

Basic Plan- The basic plan is designed to cover most of your general pest. The coverage will include: Roaches, Silverfish, Earwigs, Pill Bugs, Pharaoh ants, Fire Ants, Rover Ants, Rats/Mice, House Spiders. This plan provides inside and outside treatment.

 0-1500 sq ft       Initial - $98.00             Quarterly - $82.00                 

1501-2500 sq ft     Initial -$ 110.00             Quarterly - $88.00

2501-3000 sq ft              Initial - $125.00             Quarterly - $98.00

3001-4000 sq ft        Initial - $138.00                   Quarterly - $110.00

4001-5000 sq ft              Initial- $148.00             Quarterly - $128.00

5001-6000 sq ft             Initial - $158.00              Quarterly  -  $148.00

6001-7500 sq ft                      Initial-   $ 178.00                     Quarterly-   $ 158.00


Gold Plan- Basic Plan + Carpenter Ants      


0-1500 sq ft       Initial - $175.00             Quarterly - $82.00


1501-2500 sq ft      Initial -$175.00                    Quarterly - $88.00


2501-3000 sq ft                   Initial - $175.00                 Quarterly - $98.00


3001-4000 sq ft         Initial - $175.00                         Quarterly - $110.00


4001-5000 sq ft                   Initial- $200.00                 Quarterly - $128.00


5001-6000 sq ft                      Initial-  $ 225.00                     Quarterly - $ 148.00

6001-7500 sq ft                   initial-  $250.00                 Quarterly-  $158.00

To add Carpenter Ants later to your basic plan is  $125.00

Carpenter Ants only $300.00 with a 1 year warranty from first treatment

To be successful in achieving control of pest with any plan the customer must maintain a food free environment. This means you must be very careful with crumbs and standing water. Most pest are there for food and water so if we take that away and all they have is my food, we got them. Garages and rooms cluttered are great harborage areas for all pests. Fix all leaking faucets and never let water stand. Always think thin around your perimeter of the house. Leaves and mulch always will be a good breeding zone for bugs. We recommend you maintain your perimeter to keep activity from entering your home. What breeds next to the house will come in! Remember that Rats/Mice can climb walls and only need a whole the size of a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch to get into your home. Warranties for all plans expire on termination of service by either party. This plan is based on treatment to be performed every 3 months with a 90 day warranty. Missed Quarterly Treatments may cause an initial charge to be charged again to get things back under control!


We at Southern Quality are always looking for better ways to serve your needs. We believe that an annual maintenance plan is the best way to control the pests that bug you. Our prices are fair and our success rate is great. We strive to use the best products for the job always keeping in mind the environment and you. Thank you for your interest in Southern Quality Organic Pest Control Service. I look forward to serving your Pest Control needs.


Michael Nutt                  ***Prices are subject to change. Please call to verify pricing***  2020