Southern Quality Organic Pest Control

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Botanical Vs Chemical

We live in a world that for years we have done everything we can to harm our environment. We talk about ozone alerts in our daily commute and are now starting to take a look at the way we handle disposing  of our trash. We also are looking harder at the kind of products we are putting into our air as well as our soils. Chemical treatments tend to stick around in our ENVIRONMENT longer than our low impact products. More and more the manufactures are changing their product line to get more in alignment with the green movement. We must start thinking about future generations for they will posses our off springs and their families and so on.  I want this world to be around for a long time. Its time we all start making a difference don't you agree?


When you use your chemical based products they seem to cling to our soils for an extended period of time which is what gives us our run off problems when it rains and we water. With your lower impact products you don't have a lot of clinging to the soil. It usually is a quick kill that kills instantly with very minimal RESIDUAL to our ENVIRONMENT. Once again rest assured that I will be very careful in the way I treat your home. My products are mostly Botanical products grown from the earth. 


I think it's  time to start caring about how we treat  our environment. Low impact  products are now being produced in pesticide and are working great. Not every bug is covered under this treatment but the majority are taken care of successfully. We do offer treatments to take care of those that aren't listed on the low impact side and take great care in treating  to insure your safety and mine. The only thing you have to lose is BUGS. So why not get started today? 972-336-0148